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Sustainability, Chemistry and the ACS

ACS wants your perspective on how the proposed ACS strategic plan will address the challenges you face and opportunities for the Society to strengthen the chemistry enterprise.

     Are you active in a sustainability initiative either within ACS or with another group? If you participate in groups outside the ACS,
     could ACS play a collaborative role in such an initiative?

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Re: Sustainability, Chemistry and the ACS

In my first reply to the discussion on Sustainability ( which unfortunately can

not be found in the messages site) I had mentioned that ACS & other bodies like

AICHE ( I happen to be a member of AICHE as well).I am of the considered opinion

that Sustainability is an attitude or way of living.It needs to be inculcated in

the entire society all over the world.The best way to do it is to include

Sustainability in all Educational programmes.The earlier ( from school level) we

start the better it will work.I am attaching an article on Education for

Sustainable Development which may be put on the discussion board.I had written

it some 3 years back for a local daily here in India.I am sure it can be better

done with an update but the basic tenets will remain same.

I am taking the liberty of copying this email to Dr Joe Cramer,Secretary of

AICHE.I am sure AICHE will also like to play some role.


Dr.Vishwas G.Pangarkar

(Formerly Professor of Chemical Engineering & Head of Chemical Engineering

Department,University Institute of Chemical Technology,

Nathalal Parekh Marg,

Matunga East,

Mumbai 400 019,India)

Address for Correspondence:

Indira-Govind Smruti; Plot.No.16,

Sahadeo Nagar,NASIK 422 013,


Residence Telephone & Fax: +91 253 231 6093

Cell No.:+91 9423963567

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New Contributor

Re: Sustainability, Chemistry and the ACS

Thank you Vishwas but I do need to mention that I am merely the

Secretary of the Executive Board of AIChE's National program Committee

(and Director, Technical Programming) and not Secretary of the

Institute. The organization with responsibility for overall

Sustainability issues at AIChE is the Institute of Sustainability (IfS)

(see ).

Joe Cramer

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