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Sustainability in Organizations in Your Community

Much of the discussion on sustainability is focused on multinational or multilateral organizations dealing with global impacts.  But what about the sustainability of organizations in your community starting with families, neighborhoods, member organizations, local government, and local business. There is an open enrollment, distance learning course taught at the Harvard Extension School (ENVR E-105) that addresses sustainability from a bottom-up and local perspective.  It is taught in the case method style.  You would participate in a disucssion of cases within a cohort group with people from around the world.  Last year this spring semester course had 160 students form 20 different countries.  The course commences on Monday, January 24th.  Registration is now open.  You can find the syllabus on the class website - I would be happy to answer questions you might have on the course.  Please note that the other course described in this sustainability forum is my fall course on Corporate Sustainability.  It represents the top-down global perspective of the same topic.  They say perspective is a good thing.  It does show how the same thing can look different to different people in different organizations. rpojasek at capaccio dot com

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