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Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum-Phase II

In 2010 I posted an invitation in this section of the network to reply to my inquiry on how one might include topics of sustainability in the chemistry curriculum. This was done as part of my planning to give a talk on the subject at the ACS national meeting in San Francisco which had sustainability as the central theme.

Several dozen replies were posted. This was much appreciated and is gratefully acknowledged.  Several ideas from the postings were included in the talk and the posters were cited.

Subsequent to that symposium, a volume of referred papers were written on the topic and the volume was just published as part of the ACS Symposium Series.  See below for the announcement.  The book is available through online subscription at present and in hardcover later this year.

Thanks again to all who contributed.

Andy Jorgensen,


Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum

Editor(s): Catherine H. Middlecamp1, Andrew D. Jorgensen2

Volume 1087

Publication Date (Web): December 23, 2011

Copyright   © 2011 American Chemical Society

ISBN13: 9780841226944

eISBN: 9780841226951

DOI: 10.1021/bk-2011-1087

1 University of Wisconsin−Madison,

2 University of Toledo,

Sponsoring Divisions: ACS Division of Chemical Education

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New Contributor

Re: Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum-Phase II

This is a tremendous book and I highly recommend it!

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New Contributor III

Re: Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum-Phase II

Another source of ideas from successful grants by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for Green Chemistry and Design College Curriculum here

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