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Translations to Malay #1 -4, #7-12, #14

Translations to Malay #1 -4, #7-12, #14

Hi Ms Lily, my name is Nurul Huda, I shall upload the rest of the translated files here (will try to do so). They were translated by different people - I shall also send/upload the name list of the translators (for tracking purposes).


1. Missing file here is file #6 & #13

2. Besides that, we believe there is a slight mistake in file #14 (english version), on page no 2, paragraph no 2.

" Soaps and detergents have hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. If you add detergent to a glass filled with water and salt (oil?), " We would like to check with your team regarding this matter.    As for now, the translator replaced "salt" with "oil" and had translated it as well in the uploaded file.