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5/31/11 - Cut & Paste

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What is Cut & Paste?

Cut & Paste is a valuable resource for ACS Local Section and Division editors/webmasters who want timely content for their website or newsletter.  Peruse the items listed and simply copy the information your audience will want to read into your newsletter or website.

The 2010 ACS Annual Report is Available

The 2010 American Chemical Society Annual Report is now available. The report stresses that the Society remains financially healthy and committed to providing its more than 163,000 members with the best programs, products and services to further their careers and advance their science.

In addition to financial information, the 2010 ACS annual report features ACS-by-the-Numbers, Donor and Award Sponsor lists and the Officers’ Message.

In their Officers’ Message, ACS Board Chair Bonnie A. Charpentier, 2010 ACS President Joseph S. Francisco and ACS Executive Director & CEO Madeleine Jacobs concluded, “In the years ahead, we will continue to adapt and grow. We will continue to mirror our members’ aspirations. Like them, we will continue to collaborate, innovate and make a difference in the world.”


2010 ACS Annual Report available online

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