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ACS Technical Divisions Social Media

ACS Technical Divisions Social Media

This list is intended to be a record of social media tools that ACS technical divisions are using. If there are tools not listed that your division is using or that you know about, please send an email to Chris McCarthy, Social Media Manager at ACS at

Agricultural & Food Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry

Biochemical Technology

Carbohydrate Chemistry

Catalysis Science and Technology

Cellulose and Renewable Materials

Business Development & Management

Chemical Education

Chemical Health & Safety

Chemical Information

Chemical Toxicology

Chemistry & the Law

Colloid & Surface Chemistry

Computers in Chemistry

Energy & Fuels

Environmental Chemistry

Fluorine Chemistry


History of Chemistry

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry & Technology

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering

Professional Relations


Small Chemical Businesses

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This is absolutely great Chris. Could a similar document be prepped for Committees? It would be a great asset! Thanks again!


Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion. I'll work with my colleagues on that and hopefully have something up after the national meeting in Indianapolis.