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“Everyday Chemistry” Video Contest

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Communicating the value of chemistry to the public — being a Chemistry Ambassador — is an important skill for every chemist, from undergrads in their first chemistry class, to freshly-minted Ph.D.s to retired bench chemists. As C&EN celebrates 90 years of communicating chemistry, we want YOUR help to show the public how chemistry is all around us with a short, fun video from one of these two categories:

1) What is your favorite everyday chemistry tip? In this category, you’ll create a video featuring a tip that will improve someone’s everyday life with chemistry.

2) The chemistry behind the stuff in our everyday lives. In this category, your video will explain the chemistry behind everyday phenomena

Create a short video that explains in 2 minutes or less the chemistry behind these and other tips or everyday phenomena. Be creative and engaging! The videos should be able to entertain and educate people with little to no scientific background. For tips on speaking simply to non-scientists see

Prizes include a trip to the ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis. Visit for more information, including video requirements and prize details. Submissions are due July 31, 2013.

Sponsored by C&EN, the ACS Office of Public Affairs, the ACS Office of International Activities and ACS President Marinda Wu.