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Investing funds from ACS Investment Pool - Vanguard contact?


Our Local Section received funds from the closing of Local Section and Division accounts in the ACS Investment Pool.  At the time we also obtained from the ACS Treasurer's Office a list of commercial investment funds with similar structure and investment objectives.  Among these were a couple Vanguard funds.  The other funds on the list included Fidelity and T Rowe Price.

We were looking to use the mentioned Vanguard funds to invest those funds.  I was interested in whether anyy other Local Sections also went with them and if they could suggest a specific Vanguard office / representative they dealt with in setting up an account for their Local Section, i.e. a non-profit organization.

Mr. Donivan Porterfield, Past-Chair & Councilor

Central New Mexico Local Section

American Chemical Societyt

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