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2019 Chemistry Olympiad

2019 Chemistry Olympiad

Chemistry Olympiad 2019!  March 2nd, 2019

The Departments of Chemistry at both the University of Idaho and at Washington State University in conjunction with the Washington-Idaho border ACS section will host our fourth consecutive regional competition of the U.S. National Chemical Olympiad on March 2, 2019 at Renfrew Hall on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, ID.


As always, the event is designed to excite and engage area high school students to compete against each other in written and laboratory events. We invite all high school chemistry students to come and enjoy the all-day festivities. Last year we had 45 participants from 3 high schools, let's see if we can get more!  As always we would like to thank the many volunteers, and the ACS members who will be helping out and sharing their Saturday.  

For more information on the event and to receive your registration documents please email Dr. Kristopher V. Waynant: or Dr. Amy Nielsen at

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