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History of women chemists

As the historian for the Women Chemist Committee I will be posting about the women chemists of the past and some women who are in the present.  As some of you know I am in the process of writing a book about the History of African American women Chemists because as I always say, I am one.  No it is not going to be my autobiography! I am awed by the biographiesl of the women in the book so I pulled my autobiography from the book.  The goal for the publication of the book is August 2011 and there will be a symposium and book signing at the Denver meeting next August, God willing.

At the Boston meeting I took an oral history of an African American Woman Chemist.  Lynda Jordan who was featured in the WGBH video Discovering Women "Jewels in a Test Tube". It is available by interlibrary loan from many libraries.  I gave you the link from the Oregan State Library. You can search for it on World Cat. Lynda was a biochemist and now lives in Boston. Her oral history will be housed at the Chemical Heritage Foundation for historians to research in the future.

I am working on trying to be able to make copies of the video which means I have to get permission from the copyright holder.  Also if any of you see this on ebay let me know. 

Jeannette Brown

WCC Historian.

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