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Has there ever been a Nat. ACS symposium showcasing the Pres. Green Chem. Awardees? Would this be useful?

Question asked by Les McQuire on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by Jennifer Tanir

Has there ever been a symposium (half or full day) at a National ACS Meeting (i.e. outside a separate "Green" conference) which has showcased 4-10 past winners of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge? I am thinking about technical talks rather than a very general session where the winners maybe made a few very general comments as their success was recognized.

This seems like a no-brainer (and it may have happened and I just missed it). The session could involve talks from several past winners of the challenge either with a focus on a particular area of chemistry or issue but could hopefully discuss both the discovery/invention and its impact. If these were technical talks as part of the technical program they would reach a larger and more diverse audience. It would also stress that Green Chemistry is also quality chemistry.

ACS Corporation Associates established a similar symposium (series in that case) at National ACS meetings which showcased previous winners of the ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award in the technical program (usually sponsored/organized by an ACS Division). These have always been very popular sessions.

Is this a new idea? Is this a good idea?