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    Help with using ACS network groups

    Sara Paisner

      I am trying to figure out how to become involved in groups on the ACS network. Please advise.


      Thanks -Sara

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          Mark Obrien



          ACS Network Groups are free-forming, and anyone can join and form groups. Groups are set up as public, invitation-only, private or secret. Therefore, groups can be set up for your local section, division, committee, or any other purpose deemed useful. As a group owner, you can create a group and invite others to join, set access rights, and customize your group’s page using ACS Network widgets. Within the group, members can have discussions, embed videos, upload and share documents, or contribute to a blog.



          To see a listing of current ACS Network groups, click on the "Browse All" link from the ACS Network toolbar and select "Groups" from the drop down menu.