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    Share thoughts with the ACS Board of Directors

    Flint Lewis

      To support the lunchtime discussion with the ACS Board of Directors at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, we are inviting you to answer these questions:

      • What one thing would you like from ACS that you don't get now?
      • What one thing do you get from another organization that you wish you got from ACS?

      You are encouraged to login and respond below. If you are available and attending the meeting, you may want to join the discussion in person at the ACS Board of Directors Open Session.

      Remember, you will need to login to the ACS Network in order to participate. It is easy and does not require membership. If you need help, feel free to read more about Logging in.

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          Christine Brennan Schmidt

          See pictures from the Open Meeting in the photo album for  245th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. It was great to see all the students providing input at the meeting.

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            Bryan Balazs

            I had meant to reply to this earlier, but....   While this idea may not be something offered by other organizations, I think it would be helpful if, when an ACS member registers for an event (national meeting, regional meeting, webinar, etc.), the registration process could be tailored with knowledge of the member's affiliation with divisions, local sections, and so forth.  For example, if a person is registering for a national meeting as a Student Member in the POLY division, the registration process would highlight POLY symposia or undergrad events that might be of interest to this Student Member, before he or she gets to the final registration confirmation page.

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              Deepthi Weerasinghe

              Like our Life Insurance program, could we use the 160K membership strength to obtain discounted Cell phone rates from the major providers? Thanks

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                Olisa Menakaya

                I saw some great discussion questions, and this can help younger chemists communicate with the ACS Board of Directors.yt Most of them want to see the impact that ACS is playing in their life by seeing some of their age group setting the trend from ACS guidance and leadership. I starting a Kickstarter project, and would like to share the preview and get more feedback, as we continue to expand the importance of the questions address in this discussion. Thanks Flint


                Preview of Kickstarter project:


                Life of a Black Chemist: The Beginning by Olisa Kenneth Menakaya (OK) — Kickstarter

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                  Radoslav Bozov

                  There is ONE fundamental issue that I would like to bring up to the attention of Board of Directors:

                  Through chatting with Joachim D. Pleil, US EPA representative, I was introduced to the problem of computing tolerance ( time perturbation of an agent onto a given system) of a given agent onto living systems - drugs-organism interference, environmental pollutants, radiation agents and so on and so forth.

                  We now know that bio-system resist in a very well defined physical manner upon quantum chemical perturbations through carbon signaling systems affecting the quantity of compressibility of discrete/fractal spaces of genomic/epigenomic interface via sets of determinants - matter forms guided through weak interactive forces gaining docking problem as time - interference of particles/strings/waves elapses.

                  The ACS GCI EPA in conjunction with RSC and EIA share a motif within Nature's phenomena " Do it as Nature does it".  How would societies meet consensus on property rights? 

                  To what extend the above mentioned organization might have legislated methods, for implementing systems computations within a given jurisdictions system tight up with political constrains in order to protect/insure  consumers in relation to various forms of energy inputs,  constrains emerging out of the process of handling down chemicals, for determining the degree of uncertainty within given sets of spaces - political, economical, research & development, for supporting unidirectional flaw of both information and finances relative to sustainability? Would court case ratification, in relation to testing procedures via high throughput mass spectra analysis in comparison to time slits,  wake up the call towards setting up parameters in relation to determining value of time?

                  The World lives to provide time to children , we live to provide time to the World.     

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                    Christopher McCarthy

                    A summary of comments made during the ACS Board of Directors Open Forum at the 245th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans with responses from ACS staff is now available.  Thank you to all who participated.