Dana Dunnan

New Book for beginning teachers, particularly in Chemistry

Discussion created by Dana Dunnan on Aug 14, 2013

I've just published Notes to a New Teacher on Amazon in Kindle now and later this week in paperback.  Almost a third of the book addresses teaching chemistry, which is the subject where I began my career. 

For more on the book, there is a website www.chalkdustmemories.com. This includes a lot of information on the book and extensive samples.  Further writing samples from the first chapters are at the Kindle page for Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Notes-New-Teacher-ebook/dp/B00EG1AJXW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&q id=1376488538&sr=8-1&keywords=Notes+to+a+new+teacher

The paperback is $7.99 plus shipping and handling, the Kindle is $1.99.