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Mod 3 - Interviewing presentation feedback - Burke 11-8-11

Mod 3 - Interviewing presentation feedback - Burke 11-8-11

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Dear Dave and Jodi,

I have attached a set of five slides as possibly adding value to the "Acing The Interiew" presentation. As I had noted earlier, I believe the current ones are good as far as they go. For example, they offer the presenter considerable leeway in customizing details to the needs of a particular audience. Hover, I feel they also leave some gaps. Perhaps my attachment will cover those gaps. At any rate, that is something for us to discuss.

Also, I regret getting these items to you later than any of us intended. I hope I didn't cause a problen. Please call me if you have problems opening the file. Best regards.



Did Jim send a PowerPoint set or a Word document?


Just the word document that I posted.