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Details of Fall CAP Meeting: November 14-15 in D.C.

Details of Fall CAP Meeting: November 14-15 in D.C.


Hope you're well. We're currently being flooded here on the East Coast, but we're soldiering on!

I wanted to ask everyone to please mark their calendars for NOVEMBER 14-15, 2011 for the next CAP meeting here in Washington D.C. We will send out an agenda in the coming weeks. You will need to book your travel through Kelley Maddox here at ACS,

Please do NOT book your travel independently -- we need it to go through Kelley. We will ask you arrive for a welcome dinner Sunday night and then we'll kick off meetings Monday and Tuesday.

More details to follow!



S. Sara Rouhi

Associate Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications

1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036

T 202-872-6386 | F 202-872-6005 | AIM sararouhi


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I can make it in for dinner on Sunday. I've contacted Kelley regarding travel


Yes to both



Luti Salisbury

University Professor/Librarian

Head, Chemistry and Biochemistry Library

University of Arkansas Libraries

365 N. McIlroy Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72701-4002

Ph: 479-575-8418

Toll-free: 866-818-8115