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Pre-Meeting Homework for CAP Members

Pre-Meeting Homework for CAP Members

Hello CAP members and Happy Fall!

I hope this message finds you well. The CAP Steering Committee is finalizing the agenda for our upcoming meeting. We will have that out to you early next week.

In the meantime, PLEASE plan on providing an overview of your organizations' positions on ebooks, your strategy for ebook acquisition (if you have one), what you have purchased to date and why, how your users are using these resources, what has worked, and what isn't. We are also interested in the kind of reporting you're getting from your vendors as well as the feedback you're getting from users.

This will be fleshed out in the agenda but if you can begin compiling this information for a BRIEF presentation during the CAP meeting, that would be great. Remember to use the CAP powerpoint template.

Please respond to this thread with questions.


S. Sara Rouhi

Associate Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications

1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036

T 202-872-6386 | F 202-872-6005| AIM sararouhi


ACS Chemistry for Life--


I have access to an ebook report created by an NLM Associate Fellow for Yale which has a lot of good information.  Can you create a category for ebooks and I'll upload it to that area?

I'll work on getting the category created. For now you can just tag it "ebooks." Thanks, James!

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