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How can I test for lead, melamine, etc. at home?

I'm involved in a community that follows Asian skincare very closely.  Since this is a relatively new boom, there are quite a few fake products and products without provenance.

Is there a way I can test for lead, melamine, and other contaminants at home?  I want to test at a high volume, so test strips or swabs are not economical.  I have a reasonable education in chemistry, so I'm hoping someone can suggest some indicators that I can buy in bulk, and suppliers.  (For example, one website lists Phenyl-,2-phenylhydrazide for Mercury).

Is this possible?

Edited to add:  BPA and Parabens are also of interest.

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Re: How can I test for lead, melamine, etc. at home?

There are NGOs such as Oakland's  Center for Environmental Health that offer free testing if you provide the samples.  Lead is an easy test for them use XRF.  Melamine might be tricky but it's not hazardous unless you eat it in large quantities.

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