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How can you seperate to oils from each other?

Specifically how can you separate jojoba oil from a lighter oil

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Re: How can you seperate to oils from each other?

Some questions to help us understand your problem: what do you mean by "lighter" oil?  do you just have a mixture of oils or are they mixed with other things as well?  

In chemistry there are a few standard ways of separating compounds.  One is distillation in which compounds can be separated because they have different boiling points.  Another is extraction in which compounds are separated because they have different solubilities in different solvents.  The problem you are posing here is complicated because "jojoba oil" is not just a single compound - it is a mixture of many individual triglycerides which means it does not have a single boiling point and a range of solubilities.  The lighter oil you are referring to might actually have properties in common with some of the "lighter" portions of the jojoba oil making separating all the jojoba oil components from another oil very difficult. 


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Re: How can you seperate to oils from each other?

I have a situation that two oils are combined and would like to find a solution in separating them. One of the oils is Hydraulic fluid and the other is cutting oil. I work in a manufacturing plant and the hydraulic fluid is not very sufficient at saving tool life.   Any help in this matter would highly appreciated. 


Thank you in advance 

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