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How to dissolve Hydroquinone to make 4 oz.

How do I dissolve hydroquinone powder to make a 20% and 10% concentration?

  • I'd like to make 4 oz.
  • I would like to add retinol and kojic acid to it as well.
  • I'd like the consistency to be thin like a gel so that it absorbs quicker.
  • Lastly, I'd like to add benzoic acid for preservation purposes.

I understand the concentrations are high but I have used them before, its just too expensive to keep buying from a compounding pharmacy. I'm using it for spot treatment of some hyper pigmentation (less than 1% of my body)

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Re: How to dissolve Hydroquinone to make 4 oz.

I can only tell you how to mix the powder solution to the liquid solvent. I made my own hydroquinone 4% and added it to my cream. I did that by using 1 cup of cream, 4tbsp of hydroquinone and 4tbsp of water or solvent.

You take the cream, put it in a container, take the powder measurement and add it. Then take the water and put the measurement into the microwave until boiled. Then add it to the ingredients. Stir until uniform. Some may double boil the hydroquinone and ester, I was too scared of the possibility of combustion. Hope it helps 6 yrs later.

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Re: How to dissolve Hydroquinone to make 4 oz.

20grams of hydroquinone in 20oz is liquid is 10%. If you’re making your lotion. Add the hydroquinone to the water. Do not put this product in the microwave. Place water in container then bring the temperature to 15c in a boil bath then add products at this point when you’re making the lotion u will need to add the other ingredients. If you’d like my help or recipes for this bleaching cream please contact me on Instagram @kaylinell and @kay.linell or Facebook at kay linell 

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