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Hydrogen peroxide percentage question

I have a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution that states "3 drops of 12% is equal to 1 drop of 35%“.  Does that mean that you get 3x the amount of hydrogen peroxide, but you also get 3x the amt of distilled water because the % ratio stays the same?  Thx, Frieda in Oregon

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Re: Hydrogen peroxide percentage question

Dear Frieda,

No.  It means that the active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) delivered is the same.  If you had a 35% solution and diluted it by three times you would end up with 35/3 = 11.67% hydrogen peroxide solution. So, as your statement says, to get the SAME effect (amount) of hydrogen peroxide as ONE drop of a 35% solution, you would need THREE drops of the 12% solution.

I'm don't know what your application is, but in general pharmacies I usually only see either 3% or 10% solutions of hydrogen peroxide.  I've never seen a 12% solution.  The comparison is because commercial hydrogen peroxide is made at a 35% level.  That itself is a chemical limitation of the stability of hydrogen peroxide solutions.  It is not usually sold to non-industrial folks, and it is quite hazardous.  Here is a good source of information on the grades, concentrations, uses and safety considerations:

Concentrations of hydrogen peroxide 

Best regards,


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Re: Hydrogen peroxide percentage question

Thanks a lot, Steven.  I kept trying to figure it out on my own, but my brain got clogged, so I'm glad you were able to decipher my question and give me a cogent answer.  ^_^