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IUPAC naming alkene alkyne priority

Can anyone confirm that the name of this compound shown in the attached picture is (Z)-7-methyloct-3-en-5-yne?

If not, provide the evidence from IUPAC Blue Book chapter and page #.


thank you

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Re: IUPAC naming alkene alkyne priority

I suggest looking at the rules for naming in your text book. They should be there in step order. This is a pretty good summary



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Re: IUPAC naming alkene alkyne priority

I will say it appears to follow the rules of IUPAC nomenclature. When both double and triple bonds are in the same molecule, they have the same priority. You start numbering from either side of the molecule and if they're in the same position (carbon 3, here), then you give the alkene the lowest number. 

Therefore, your name makes sense to me. The only thing I would change is perhaps put a locant designation on the Z at the front (ie. (3Z)-). 


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