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Magnesium Glycinate

Hi Dear Chemists, 

I would like to know how magnesium glycinate reacts when added to boiling water. I've added a small amount like 5 mg's to a cup of boiling water, but, I am not sure if there is a reaction or not. 

If anyone can answer it, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you, 


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Re: Magnesium Glycinate

I am trying to guess why you are curious about this . . . Is it because you want to add a magnesium glycinate supplement to your hot tea? I am not a chemist by any means (I barely passed high school chem), so I can't really offer any help. I believe that glycine is an amino acid and magnesium is a mineral. I couldn't begin to tell you what happens when magnesium glycinate is added to water, or if the temperature of the water would make a difference. I asked a similar question and am not holding out much hope for an answer. 

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