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Need Program Listing

I want to get a Fortran IV program listing from an old article. 

"Computer approach to the continuous variations method for spectrophotometric determination of extraction and formation constants", Werner Likussar, Anal. Chem. 1973, 45, 11, 1926–1931. 

The program name is Jobcon, the flow chart is shown in Fig 3, and on page 1929 it says program listings are available on request. 

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Re: Need Program Listing

Given the passage of almost five decades since the publication of that article, sadly it may be a stretch to locate the mentioned Jobcon Fortran code.  The noted article seems well cited so you could track the potential use of that code by subsequent researchers and see if someone might still have around.  You could also check with the University of Graz Library or mentioned department and see if they might have in their collection.

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