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Pictures of organized bubbles that represent the quantum foam

I believe these photos are an accurate depiction of the general geometry of space-time from an experiment designed to amplify the resonance of quantum foam energy vie chemistry, gravity, and other forces.

  The bubbles on a microscope slide each have multiple smaller bubbles at certain proportional size evenly spaced around the circumference within the sphere giving the appearance of ball bearings as they sit on a flat surface.   

  This may be what I think it is or an illusion of chemistry. Either way it looks really cool.

  What do you think?

small bubbles appear to be inside the largersmall bubbles appear to be inside the largeralmost molecule like geometryalmost molecule like geometrythumbnail_IMG_0547.jpgthumbnail_IMG_0550.jpgthumbnail_IMG_0557.jpgthumbnail_IMG_0551.jpg

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