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Private label product creation

I’m looking for help with knowing how to created a similar product to one already in circulation. I own a cleaning company and we use sodium hypochlorite to clean exterior buildings etc.. there are products like GreenOxRenew/Cleanz-o-Crete/ Cleanz-o-Roof by the company Green Flow distribution that clean using a peroxide compound that doesn’t damage other surroundings like plants/flowers/trees but completely cleans the blue/green algae (looks black) from roofs, siding etc... this option is dramatically better for the environment and I would like to move in this direction. 

Im looking for help on how to make this for myself. Can anyone point me in the right direction of having this chemical made for myself rather than drastically over paying for this? 
would like to work directly with a chemist to break down this product and recreate it. 


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