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Salt not dissolving when mixed with water

I recently lived in an apartment where I noticed that after about 10 days of coming home with a box of fine-grained sea salt or himalayan salt (with no additives), that the salt didn't dissolve into water anymore, no mater how long I shook a bottle of water that I had just poured a teaspoon amount of salt into. I do this every morning and have noticed that this amount of salt dissolves in about 8 seconds.

I would even leave the salt grains on the bottom of the bottle overnight and try mixing it by shaking again in the morning, without success. It was so strange.

What can cause salt to not dissolve into water (except excess salt already in the water)? The apartment building was brand new, and I noticed some breathing issues, which may suggest some industrial compounds being left in the air.

Thank you for your thoughts. I'm extremely curious as to what might be the reason for this.

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