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Startup Initiation

Hello Dr. Mendel,

     I'm an organic chemist who is looking into grounding a startup company. I'm hoping to make contacts with chemists, physicists and engineers who have experience in optical characterization. Such individuals will of course be willing to take a chance.

     The company will be offering a new class materials for fiber optic devices and telecommunications. I already have promising results from academic materials.

     The reason for my interest in Rochester is the excellent technology and science base in the area (cheap lab space through e.g. the Kodak site, university and Corning down the road). Also important are the efforts  of the regional ACS to promote regional startups. I'm currently not located in the Empire State, but happy to relocate there from current location in the US. Grew up in New England.

     The plan of action would be:

    1. Agree on a pitch for initial support. That support will (a) allow lab space for characterization and synthesis; (b) survival wages and (c) consumables. There may already be some interest in through the Chemical Angel Network (CAN).
    2. Synthesize and confirm the properties of commercially relevant substances. 
    3. Offer those substances to relevant companies for evaluation (initially at no cost)
    4. Apply for support from NY State.  

     I hope that either you or individuals in Rochester have further questions. Please contact me either through the ACS Network, LinkedIn or e-mail.


Dr. Fenton Heirtzler



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