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Water Treatment Chemicals


I have a question about mixing two chemicals for a water treatment application. 

Background: I am currently exploring the option of treating raw water (from a river) for a water treatment plant. The general idea is to run 150 ft of 1 inch PVC with dilute potassium permanganate (0.08 mg/L in feed water) to another section of feed water (20 to 30 ft) that contains dilute 50% sulfuric acid. The 150 ft section would intersect a 20 to 30 ft section of PVC before being injected into the raw water line, thus injecting both chemicals simultaneously. The feed water would also have a residual chlorine concentration because it is potable water from the effluent of the water treatment plant. I know that mixing potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid creates an explosive gas.

Question: With the above information stated, if the two chemicals are heavily diluted because of the feed water (2 or more gpm in the line), would it be safe to have the two feed water lines combine 20 to 30 ft before being injected into the raw water line? 


Thank you,


Clint Taylor, EIT

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