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Why is the open circuit voltage of the lithium - carbon fluoride battery rated at 4.57 volts?

I had just recently started doing my research into lithium - carbon fluoride (Li-CFx) batteries. It had just caught my attention because the standard reduction potential of lithium and fluorine are at the very opposite end of the spectrum (-3.04 volts for lithium and +2.87 volts for fluorine). So I expect the lithium fluoride battery to have the highest voltage possible for an electrochemical battery cell (3.04 + 2.87 = 5.91). But I have read on article about the Li-CFx battery saying that the theoretical open-circuit voltage for such a battery is 4.57 volts (1.34 volts less than the voltage difference potential between lithium and fluorine. So, my question is this, if the voltage of the Li-CFx battery depends on the reduction potential difference between lithium and fluorine, why is the theoretical open-circuit voltage for the battery 4.57 volts instead of 5.91 volts?

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