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Writing a story while maintaining authenticity

I'm currently writing a story, the details of which aren't very relevant until the product is finished. I'd like to start by noting that I have no formal chemistry knowledge outside of basic high school chemistry classes and hours of self research, I'm simply a writer looking to uphold the authenticity of a story I'm writing.

I'm aware that H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) has extremely damaging effects on human flesh. Now I need a character to essentially bathe in a tub of some kind of highly caustic acid, so if you have a better suggestion, I'd be willing to make the necessary changes. There's a number of questions I have regarding this point of the story:

Should I look into using a different and more easily attained chemical, like Lye? All the proceeding questions would remain the same for Lye or any other chemical.

How quickly can H2SO4 act on human flesh before it becomes lethal and kills the individual?

Is it relatively common for people to be able to survive severe full body chemical burns with these dangerous acids?

What kind of chemicals can counter act the effects of H2SO4 and stop the burning? Preferably something that may be on hand in a home.

What fields have access to this chemical? The character is going to attain it by stealing it from her cousins lab, but I have no background for his field.

Is it feasible to easily produce enough of the aqueous solution from the powdered form (I guarantee that's the incorrect terminology) to fill a large plastic container that would fit a human?

What kind of container would safely hold this aqueous solution?

Does the burning effect produce harmful vapors?

Thank you for taking on my multitude of questions, I'm sure this is odd and out of the norm for this website but I appreciate the help. Please excuse my incorrect terminology and general ignorance of chemistry. The gist of this part of the story is that a key character needs to engulf herself in a tub of this acid after hearing the commotion outside her room of her chemist cousin coming to check on her after seeing she stole the H2SO4 from his lab. She hops in and he needs to get to her before she's dead. This character can't die but I need her recovery to seem just nearly inconceivable without completely crossing the line to being ridiculous. Should I try a different acid for this? I need her to be terribly maimed but still alive enough to slowly recover to anything resembling health where she could still walk on her own after months and months of recovery. It's vital for the final act. Thank you again! Looking forward to sharing the story with anyone interested once it has been completed.

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