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determination of phosphorous by Quimociac reagent

Please I face very strange problem, that’s appearance of effervescence the Aliquote of digested sample after adding Quimociac reagent.

Please allow me to tell you further information :

1- my sample is rock phosphate and super phosphate fertilizer and i digest 1g of it by 30 ml nitric acid and 5 ml hydrochloric acid and 100 ml distill water.

2- I prepare 1 liter of reagent that mean I multiply twice every amount of chemicals as the following : A- 70 g sodium molybdate.2H2O in 200 ml water B- 60 g citric acid monohydrate in 100 ml water + 85 ml nitric acid C- 5 ml quinoline in 35 ml nitric acid and 100 ml water D- After 24 hours and filtration add 280 ml acetone, mix and dilute to 1L by distill water.

Once I add reagent to sample solution to precipitate phosphorous , the sample solution effervesce and precipitation goes up!!?.

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