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pH changes by adding water to ph neutral solutions?

Good day ACS Members,

I am wondering if I adding tap water to a pH neutral soap will change the pH of the created soap solution.
(I think it partly depends on the pH of the tap water)

I am asking because I recently had Marmoleum linoleum installed in our family room.
The directions said to clean with their pH neutral product.
I am thinking of going the DIY route and using pH neutral dish soap (adding tap water). |
But may consider buying one of the recommended cleaners (see Sources below)

Any reply would be much appreciated!
I do appreciate your reading this lengthy question

Janice Flahiff, age 67
Toledo, OH
  (who forgot just about everything from college chemistry it seems!)
(but is not afraid, finally to ask questions which show her ignorance!)


**List of pH Neutral Cleaners
Granted, this may not a reputable source, being a dotcom, and a revenue generator!
    It does state adding water to cleaners changes pH, but nothing about soap..

**Green Home Floors Shopping Cart

Scroll down to

"Mop the floor with a solution of Forbo Neutral pH Cleaner. 4. Damp mop with clean water."

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