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Question working with concentrated PFASs

Does anyone have experience working with concentrated solutions of PFASs (e.g., PFOS, GenX, and PFBS)?  Specifically, PFBS (nonafluorobutanesulfonic acid) has been difficult for me to access the hazards. SDSs have some conflicting information (not a surprise). PFBS is considered environmentally stable and bioaccumulates yet it is packaged under argon, is moisture sensitive, and should be stored at 4C.  These characteristics seem to be at odds.

Also, I am concerned that mixing with a water mixture could produce HF. It has been recommended to us to avoid using glassware with these compounds because they stick to the glass at diluted concentrations. However, the people giving us advice have no experience with concentrated solutions and receive only pre-diluted samples. We would like to avoid using Teflon due to potentially contaminating F, and I am not certain HDPE will be adequate. Please email me with any advice or information on PFASs.

Tammy Rechtin

Safety Coordinator

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