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Climate Change and K-12 student education


Do you want K-12 students to learn about Climate Change and its threat to their wellbeing as adults. 

If so, I urge you to send “Climate Change Resources for K-12 STEM Teachers”,, to your local STEM teachers.

It consists of:

  • A Climate Change Introduction
  • Climate Change Overviews
  • Classroom Applications about Climate Change

A Climate Change Introduction goes from observations through mitigations.  It is concise, and in a readily accessible format, important for busy teachers who want to understand how to include Climate Change in their curriculums.

Climate Change Overviews lists sites that can be used to gain a deeper understanding.

Classroom Applications about Climate Change identifies sites that offer material that is of value in constructing lessons and projects.

The resources were prepared with the collaboration of science coordinators and teachers from two school districts in northern Virginia, and the Science Coordinator of the Virginia Department of Education.


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