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Do these chemicals emit formaldehyde gas when heated?

Hey there. 

I'm just wanting some clarification on a few chemicals that were included in a hair straightening solution I had a reaction to recently. I've researched a few and found some sources that state that they do produce formaldehyde gas when heated. (I heated my hair with a hairdryer as well as a hair straightener in the process) Just want to know if that is in fact true from a chemistry standpoint. The ingredients are: 

- Cyclomethicone

- Glyoxylic acid 


Thanks very much 

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Re: Do these chemicals emit formaldehyde gas when heated?

Cyclomethicone and glyoxylic acid are commonly used in hair straightening solutions. While cyclomethicone is not known to produce formaldehyde gas when heated, glyoxylic acid can release formaldehyde under certain conditions. It's crucial to consider the best garage specific formulation and how these chemicals interact during the hair straightening process to assess any potential risks accurately. Consulting with a chemistry expert or a professional in the field can provide more precise insights.

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