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How might mermaids make heat and/or light under [ocean] water?

I am not a chemist, but a worldbuilder. I use worldbuilding so that I am forced to ask questions and learn about our very real and very complicated world. I like mermaids, too, so here we are. My latest question is:

How might mermaids make heat and/or light under ocean water?

Ideally, this is a reaction that could happen organically; primitive mermaids could come by this in nature or, at the very least, discover it themselves.

Feel free to skew the composition of the water, sediment, anything. Also feel free to tell me it isn't realistic.

If you have any other notes or want to point me in a better direction,,,,, please do. I want all the information I can get. Also let me know of any resources!

Thank you 🙂

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