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Transporting Consumer Hazardous Waste Safely

I need to  drive various hazardous waste items to the drop off facility about 15-20 miles away.  This is a long overdue task and some of the items are over 20 years old.  I have some aerosol sprays like hair spray and glass cleaner.  I also have a container of Goof Off adhesive remover, a 30 year old jar of liquid jewelry cleaner, 1 bottle of Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol,  mace, cooking and other oils and nail polish removers.  My friend has also told me she has some Muriatic Acid for her pool and I'm not sure what the quantity is.  I'm considering offering to bring her's in with my load unless that would pose a safety problem given the chemicals in my items.

 The temperature here is pretty cold only around 30-40 degrees so I may be only able to open the windows slightly.  Should I make sure everything is upright and wedged in with some filler material so they're not moving around while driving?  Even so, do I need to be concerned about anything exploding since some of the containers are several decades old?

I'm not well-versed in the chemistry area and would greatly appreciate any safety tips. I'm hoping to start a clean slate and to get rid of things much more promptly in the future.

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