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Ultraviolet Light Creating O3/O2

I am doing some research for a project and I am at a standstill.  I am sure it is a simple answer but wanted to see what other people thought about this.
I have a 20 x 20-inch box with both a 5-inch tube UVV Light (185 nm) and a 5-inch tube UVC Light (254 nm) sealed inside of that same box with no airflow.
  1. How long would it take roughly for the UVV light to create O3?
  2. How long would it take roughly for the UVC light to create O2?
  3. After the UVC changes the O3 to O2 are there any VOC's?
  4. If I open the box after the minimum amount of time it takes to change O3 to O2, would it be harmful to breathe?
I appreciate any feedback.
Thank You
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