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CINF Annual Report 2010 - administrative form.pdf

CINF Annual Report 2010 - administrative form.pdf

the 2010 annual report submissions process for the ACS divisions was online.  There was an administrative form and a financial form.  CINF submitted a pdf version of our report in addition to filling out the online form, because the various entry boxes on the ACS form did not allow for complete answers.  This complete adminisrative form is attached here.   the financial report will be posted separately, when completed.


Great job, Carmen, thanks.

I spent most of the morning with Mitchell Bruce, Maine Section Councilor, doing the final preparation of our annual report.  Since Mitchell is also on the LSAC subsommittee which commisioned the new report form (FORMS) and will have to review soem of the submissions, he is asking ACS staff to provide "executive summaries" like this pdf to be more readable than the FORMS report will be.  It would seem that in the future both versions should be submitted.  The DAC reviewers should pleased with your pdf (as are we).

Although DAC and LSAC are separate, bot are using FORMS.  We'd be interested in any comments you have about the use of FORMS, problems, requested imporvements, etc.  Contact either Mitchell Bruce, or me, .  Thanks.

Thanks for the info, Bob.  The FORMS system was really less than ideal (including the fact that the approval process was still handled by email - rather than in the FORMS workflow).

I should point out, while I posted the report, Leah lead the charge on getting all of this together, and many people contributed to the review.   Thanks to everyone who helped!