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Of interest: COMP Together

I'm a member of COMP and I just received the following note about COMP Together, a divisional communication link to promote local and informal gatherings of COMP and like minded members.  Although we in Maine are at "the end of the food chain" so to speak, this could be a good model for CINF as well, including cooperative arrangements with COMP (or SLA or ASIST).  I know some large ACS sections have local CINF groups but this could facilitate such local happenings, including Sceience Cafes.

-- Bob Buntrock

Orono, ME


Dear Colleagues,

The COMP Division of the ACS is excited to launch a new initiative, COMP
Together !

The COMP Together initiative includes tools and a network of local champions
to facilitate COMP members getting together on a local and informal level
(seminars, networking events, mentoring lunches). The COMP Together tools
are hosted on the COMP website and will support regular/recurring events as
well as ad-hoc events.

We invite you to register for COMP Together through this link:

Registration for a certain local area will add your email address to the
announcements of COMP Together events happening in that area. You are then
also able to register for an event and indicate any special requirements
with that RSVP.

Local champions have been identified for a number of areas, but on the
registration page we are also asking if you are wiling to volunteer for this
or if you're available to assist the champions. The local champions are the
ones who set up the events and monitor RSVP's, all through the COMP Together
tools. They would coordinate with presenters, scout for locations and
possibly engage sponsors. Our goal is to have several champions in each
area, so you can share the work. The tools on the website should make the
operational details of sending invites and managing RSVP's very easy.  If
you are interested in learning more about the local champion role, you can

We look forward to your participation in this new initiative and hope that
this will strengthen our scientific community.

Best regards,

The COMP Together team

San Francisco Bay Area: Hanneke Jansen, Vickie Tsui, Siegfried Leung

San Diego: Patrick Lee, Sara Nichols, Rommie Amaro

Northern New Jersey: Ed Sherer, Chris Harwell

New York City: Chris Harwell

Southern New Jersey/PA: Neysa Nevins, Chuck Reynolds, Kate Holloway

Boston: Melissa Landon, Michelle Lamb, Ken Mattes, Lee Herman

Washington DC/VA: Samual Toba, Noel Southall

RTP: Rachelle Bienstock

Connecticut: Veer Shanmugasundaram

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