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Thoughts on ACS co-branding?

Since you've been so responsive with my first question I can't resist asking another!

We're currently looking at placement of various items on the new web platform and I am interested your thoughts on ACS co-branding as it currently exists. I think we can do a better job of making it more prominent and feedback from the community is where I'd like to start. I would so appreciate any feedback on your level of satisfaction with co-branding right now and any thoughts you might have on improving it.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful autumn day.



S. Sara Rouhi
Associate Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications
1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036
T 202-872-6386 | F 202-872-6005| AIM sararouhi
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Re: Thoughts on ACS co-branding?

Hi Sara,

Can you tell me where CINF is on the planning/design process for the division's new "web platform?" I was hoping to help here.

At the Boston ACS meeting I took an ACS leadership course on developing communication strategies at which I was made aware of an ACS rebranding initative. I started doing research on this ACS rebranding at but discovered that some templates seem outdated and some links don't work. I contacted ACS about this and received a standard response with another broken link and no answers to my specific questions. I tried to address this with again with 'ACS, Office of Society Services' at on October 6th, but I haven't received any response at all.

I'm going to ping them again before escalating. I've attached the message thread with 'ACS, Office of Society Services.'

Regards, -Graham-

Graham  C. Douglas

CINF  Fundraising Chair 2010


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Re: Thoughts on ACS co-branding?

Just checking in to see where the web site planning\development stands.

I've attached a reply from Nancy McCormick-Pickett (Manager, ACS Strategic Communications) and PPT she sent me.

Regards, -Graham-

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