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Use of the ACS Network

Per Carmen's note on another string (largest chem programs), it will take quite a while to "get comfortable" using the ACS Network.  Yeah, I should have loged in before trying to respond but the registration screen came up first (which I had already done).  I did find my way to the login screen on the second try (after Carmen's note) but then wending my way back to the discussion was multi-step.

In general, as is typical of all of these 2.x programs (or whatever their label), it takes a long time for each page to load and navigation is not very obvious (as above).  Reading, much less responding to notes and discussion takes significantly more time than either the CHMINF-L or CINF lists.  Makes me wonder why we went this route.  Sure hope we don't do it for CHMINF-L.

-- Bob Buntrock (not always a curmudgeon, just selective)

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Re: Use of the ACS Network

I too find the ACS Network maddeningly slow and non-intuitive. But I believe CINF is committed to using rhis tool so I pray that ACS seriously addresses performance and usability going forward.

Regards, -Graham-

Graham Douglas

CINF Fundraising Chair 2010

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Re: Use of the ACS Network

Please remember that you can always reply to a thread directly from the

email that you receive. When replying, please be sure that you do not

alter the subject line in the email. The subject line contains code in

brackets that directs the email to the proper community/thread.

Also, you can go directly to the CINF Group without having to navigate

through the ACS Network. Simply bookmark the following URL

( and

you can go directly to the group. You can browse all discussions in

the group without logging in. However, if you do wish to reply or start

a discussion, you will need to log in. The Log In link is available at

the very top of every page.

Mark O'Brien

Manager, ACS Communities, ACS Network

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Re: Use of the ACS Network

(Cross posted from CINF Yahoo Group)

Here are some ways that can help make the adjustment to the ACS Network easier:

Bookmark the CINF Group

Every, group, forum, discussion in the ACS Network has its own unique URL.  Therefore, you can bookmark URLs and access the content that you want without having to navigate through the ACS Network.   Some helpful URLs that you might wish to bookmark include:

CINF Group Page:

CINF Discussions:

CINF Documents

Browse Anonymously or Login to Post Content

You don't need to log in to the Network if you just wish to browse content.  Just click on one of the URLs above and go directly to the group's content.  You will need to login, if you wish to comment or start a new discussion.  However, there's a login link at the top of every page.  After you login, you will be redirected back to where you left off.

Use Email Alerts

Email alerts let you participate in ACS Network discussions without logging into the Network.  With email alerts, you can read/respond to Network postings using your preferred email account.  If you wish to participate in an existing discussion thread, simply hit reply to the message in your in-box and your message will be posted automatically in the ACS Network.

When you join the group, you will be prompted to turn on email alerts. You can toggle email alerts on/off by selecting Receive/Stop email alerts link that is found on the Actions Box on the CINF Group Page. (Note: You need to log in to set email alerts)

(In addition to using alerts to participate in existing threads, we are configuring advanced email settings that will also allow you to create new content via email. We'll provide more details on this functionality soon.)

The ACS Network is powered by an industry leader in Social Business Software and ACS maintains close relations with our provider to ensure that the Network continues to meet the high standards and evolving needs of our members.   We actively monitor system for both performance and functionality.

I encourage you to continue to explore the tools of the Network and keep us informed about your experience.   We remain committed to improving the user experience on the ACS Network.   Please continue to provide feedback ( and ideas for improving the ACS Network.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or post your comments on the ACS Network.

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