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While  we are finishing up  cosmetic editing of the html version of the  Chemical Information  Bulletin on the CINF website, I wanted to test the  ACS Network by  posting a pdf version for your preview (please excuse  this message if  you are in the cinf-yahoo group).

[I am posting the content without a cover page as the Network takes one document per attachment.]

In this issue you will find technical session reports written by Wendy Warr of the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, Emilio Exposito of the 2010 Herman Skolnik Award Symposium honoring Anton Hopfinger, and Leah Solla of Assessing Collections and Information Resources in Science and Technology, a joint effort between two societies, also an interview with Rajarshi Guha, news from the ACS Multidisciplinary Programming Planning Group chaired by Guenter Grethe; award and scholarship announcements, and many more highlights of the Fall 2010 ACS National Meeting.

Best Regards,
Svetlana Korolev


looks good now

Much better - many thanks!


Congratulations on putting together this very nice issue!

Svetla Baykoucheva

Agreed! It looks great!



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Excellent job, Svetla! eCIB gets better and better!