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Step 1 - Assess your current website

Community Manager
Community Manager
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(Updated 2/19/19)

Now that you know you must move or redo your website, where do you begin?

We recommend first doing an assessment of your current website.

  • What information do you have on it?
  • What types of files are there?
  • How current is the material?
  • Are all of the files visible? Or do you have hidden files?
  • Do you have any data which indicates how frequently the content is being accessed?
  • Should any content be retired and archived?

For many sites, it would helpful to actually inventory the files with a spreadsheet which includes the filenames, the type of file (PDF, jpg, html, etc.), some annotation about the information the file includes, and a rating of both currency and importance. If your site has hidden files, you might want to indicate visibility. Finally, you might want to indicate who is the primary audience of this content.

Understanding what files you have and how many will be key in moving your website.

To help you take an inventory, we have attached a blank and a sample spreadsheet with which to do an audit.