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Suggestions for May

Community Manager
Community Manager
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As mid-May approaches, we want to remind you that we the deadline to have websites off of is drawing near.  We would like to request that groups who have done so, please let us know where your new website is.  Even if you if you have not moved it, we would appreciate an update of your  If you need an extension, we especially need to hear from you.  

For those of you interested, we have posted some information about using the ACS Network as a website platform. as a reminder, the ACS Network is ideal for the smaller and simpler websites.The Wabash Valley Local Section is using the Network. We created a detailed document to explain how it was set up. In addition, we previously postted a test site using content from the Virginia Local section. 

For those of you who are interested in grabbing your information, you might want to read Paul Tukey's Migrating Sites Websites. He has created a tool that has allowed him to grab an old MARM website of the platform and into his archives.