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new 'website'

Hi, any suggestions for how to use this new website? It seems like the core information will get lost in the noise with the 'forums' format... Are most sections using their own websites now? Thanks for any information that you can share.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: new 'website'

The ACS Network has lots of uses for Local Sections, Technical Divisions, etc.


Upon request, we can set up a group hub from which you can run several boards. These boards and their uses are as follows: 

  • A Blog allows the owner(s) to post regular updates or announcements. This a great way to post current information that you might have in your newsletter as it comes out, upcoming meetings, award announcements, deadlines, information on a speaker, etc. 
  • The Discussion board or forum provides a place for your members or any one who is interested to ask a questions, or start a discussion, etc. 
  • The Knowledge Base is where documents are kept. You can create documents which explain your mission, the requirements for an award, your list of officers, etc. 
  • The Idea Exchanges is a way to get people to submit ideas and discuss them. 

In essence, the group hub is a rudimentary digital communication tool, i.e. simple website. It ends up being simpler to create and manage content than a full-blown website.

The national office is willing to provide a short cut to your group hub -- so that your audience can go directly to your group hub. 

One other use for local sections is for their leadership. We can create a closed group where the collaboration of the executive committee can be kept private. In addition, it can be used to archive old documents. 

We are still refining the platform -- fixing some of the look and feel as well as adjusting some of the permissions.  We will be creating more templates which may allow different presentations.  Our vendor is continually working to improve the platform, so we expect the functionality to evolve and improve with time.

We will continue to post information here and in the Help Forum.