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Domains, URLs, and your Website

Domains, URLs, and your Website

As many of you know, your URL is an important part of your website. Before we start discussing URLS, domains, and websites, here's a good refresher about the definitions and differences: Web terms 101: the difference between a URL, domain, website, and more. - Google Domains

With the transfer of your website off of, your website URL will have to change. There are some technical issues which will prevent us from transferring the subdomain you currently have (and the corresponding URL) to a new location .

We recognize that this might be disruptive, but moving a website is not uncommon and there are steps we recommend to minimize the disruption.

  • When you get a new website, we can help you insert some code on your old home page on which will redirect users to your new website URL. We have helped several groups set up this option in the past. This redirect will remain in effect until we discontinue the contract.
  • The link to your website on needs to be updated. Please send that request to
  • We also recommend getting either a vanity or shortcut URL, a shortened web address (URL) that makes the link easier to share or remember. There are a couple options:
    • Purchase a domain. This should be done by your group and not an individual for continuity purposes.
      • Oftentimes, webhosting services also offer the option to purchase a domain.
      • The webhosting service can help you set up or provide you information for setting the URL.
      • Users will see this URL as they navigate through your site.
    • Request a shortcut.
      • ACS can provide a shortcut that can be changed as you change platforms. This is basically a pointer that you can use in your promotional materials and it would look like
        • This can be beneficial as the shortcut might be more easily remembered and entered.
      • The resolving URL, i.e. where this shortcut leads, can be updated easily.
      • Users will see the resolving URL when they are on your pages.

When the service is shutdown later this year, ACS will look at redirecting all URLs that end in * to a general page which tells users where the new sites can be found.

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Domains and URLs are essential components of how websites are identified and accessed on the internet, while your website is the digital representation of your online presence that users can interact with.

Thanks for this information. In the past, I think we only have to buy new domain and cut our data from old website and paste it to new website but by reading this information. Now I know that we have to insert some codes on our old homepage on which will redirect our users from our old Website My Boy! URL to new domain. And this article also helps me to know about shortcut URLs. I am new in WEB Development and therefore I am gathering information to increase my knowledge☺.