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Attentions Chemists! Experience Required.

Good morning everybody,

Today I'm about knowing well how long I should life to know if I'm a good chemist or not? Things mixed around, I don't be able to figure out if I could tell myself I'm good enough or if I need extra work to prove it to myself which completely hang on chemistry so badly. Lately, I start worry about my chemistry attitude especially at class when I mistake the right answers or put facts not in its orbital's. I tried alone to do it just perfect. I commit to myself to depend only on myself with no help from others specially people who I live with because I'm afraid to lose competitive spirit. I work hard, I do timing an alarm clock on specific time but when the bell rings I notice that I'm already awaken. I have all the information that I need, I get prepared but I couldn't do it all right, I have to mistake something overall. Did I over task myself doing chemistry again and again? Should I prove this to the whole world?

The good news is the happiness behind the hard work eraser every single repugnant moment. I'm too young and I can take similar challenges.

Am I on my way? Or all these will lead me to the dead-end soon or later.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Attentions Chemists! Experience Required.

I just read your journal, and I believe you are in right track. If you don't make any mistake how do you know that was wrong? Therefore I believe to be a good chemist it is necessary to face reaction that you don't know. However caution should be taken. More you face obstacle more you're gathering  refection and answer of chemistry.



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