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Education Resource List

Hello Everyone,

Attached is a draft “webliography” of chemical education resources that contains links to ACS and external websites. This is something we are experimenting with—which could lead to an A to Z chemistry education site. The intention of this list is to provide the community with immediately useful resources as opposed to just a general link to the homepages of science or education societies. Another goal is for the list to not be too specific by linking to one activity, one magazine, or one scholarship opportunity.

The links are separated by education audience level (k-8, high school, undergraduate, etc.) for now.  K-8 and high school resources are listed under “professional” if we thought they were primarily for educators and not students.

As you browse the list feel free to make suggestions for additional sites and categories. All feedback is appreciated.



ACS Education Web Associate

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Re: Education Resource List

     Fred, this looks great.  You requested feedback.  I would like to see contact information for chemistry textbook authors and publishers -- not sales reps -- for the purpose of providing textbook feedback, or offering to write new textbooks or provide web content.

-- Robert Richman

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